Intro to Odor

Already completed an Intro to Nose Work class and ready for odor?  Are you working towards your ORT (odor recognition test) or NW1 title?  This class is your next step.  We will introduce your dog to odor Birch. 

Introduction to Odor (4 weeks)
This 4 week class introduces the odor birch.  There are four separate 4 week classes to practice each element.  You must attend either Container or Interior prior to signing up for Vehicles or Exterior.

Start date:  First Wednesday of each month  5
:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.  See Calendar for which Intro to Odor element is starting next month.

Now Who's The Boss
6112 W Grovers Ave
Glendale, AZ  85308

Cost $100 per dog for class 
Pre-requisite:  Introduction to Nose Work 

Pre-registration and class fees required Friday before the start date. Go to Registration Form.

What you'll need to bring for class:

qCrate will be provided during hot months (where your dog will rest between runs)  Dogs must be crate-trained unless other accommodations are available.
qWater (for you and the dog)
qFlat Collar (buckle or Martingale style) or a well-fitted traditional style harness during the class.  No head halters or Easy Walk harnesses during runs but they may be used to and from as needed.
qLeash: A 6-foot light-weight leather or nylon leash (no chain or retractable). All dangling items, rings, charms, poop bags holders must be removed so as not to distract the dog.
qLong Line: A 10-15-foot long line or Flexi lead (in addition to not instead of the six foot).
qToys and/or treats:  HIGH VALUE toys and treats!  For example: If your dog loves the tennis ball or the rope…bring it, not the squeaks he doesn’t play with; If your dog loves chicken but is not jazzed about snausages, bring the chicken… bring a few things in case what you thought was going to work, doesn’t.  Also if your dog likes food, please bring several small treat pieces for the training.
qHungry & Motivated Dog:   Please either don’t feed your dog in the morning, or feed a reduced meal so that your dog is hungry and motivated.  Also if you have a high energy dog, please don’t burn them out with a long hike or play session before the class.


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