A Better Way to Feed Your Dog

My dog's as well as many of our clients have switched their dog's foods to Wendy Volhard's Natural Diets.  The overall results have been tremendous! We are extremely pleased with the product and recommending this high quality diet to our friends and colleagues.  If you are interested in learning more please give me a call.

If you're not certain about making a change to raw feeding we highly recommend the Endurance supplement for dogs who are on kibble.  Endurance adds back some of the fragile vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are lost in the heating & baking process that all kibbles are subjected to. 

Check out Volhard Dog Nutrition to learn more and order online.  Please be sure to credit Now Who's the Boss, Inc as the ones who sent you!

I feed:  Natural Diet Foundation 2

Hypoallergenic with no GMO (Genetically Modified) products added!

Available in 5, 10, and 20-pound bags!  A 10 lb bag is equivalant to a 40 lb bag of dry dog food.

For quality, convenience and cost, NDF 2 is the ultimate raw and natural dog food for dogs of all life stages. NDF 2 is a dehydrated food based on the Natural Diet recipe developed by Wendy Volhard, which has been clinically tested for over 30 years and has improved the health, vitality and longevity of dogs. All you add is your dog’s favorite meat and water.

NDF 2 is suitable for dogs with a history of digestive upsets and is used by breeders, trainers and pet owners who wish to have long-lived, healthy dogs.

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