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 Day Camp:

Recommended for young and active dogs also beneficial for dogs with seperation anxienty.  Great way to socialize your dog in a pack enviroment.  Consider bringing your dog to Day Camp on those days when you don't have the time to exercise them.  Drop them off on your way to work and pick them up on your way home.  If your dog digs, barks, or destroys things while you are away due to boredom consider this as an option.  NWTB offers this service for $25.00 a day (No Limitations and Boot Camp clients receive a discount).  No Aggressive or Intact dogs (over 1 year) allowed.  Additional dog discounts are available.


NWTB offers boarding to training clients to assist in maintaining your dogs training.  Well socialized dogs will run pack style during the day and most will sleep in a crate at night.  The dogs have access to indoors and outdoors through out the day.  They will also be given swimming time.  The cost of this service is $35.00 a day for large dogs and $28.00 a day for the little furry friends (No Limitations and Boot Camp clients receive a discount).  Aggressive and Intact dogs (over 6 months) will have an additional fee of $10 per day.

Please complete the Boarding Request to hold your spot as space is limited.


 Snake Avoidance Training:

NWTB arranges group Snake Avoidance training every Spring by Viper Voidance.  Most people aren’t aware that rattlesnakes near the valley don’t go into a true hibernation.  Number of dogs are limited to 5 dogs per hour.  Retests will be grouped together. 

Information on the Trainer:  Jim Walkington is the owner of Viper Voidance.  His method of choice is to use caged snakes and focus on the snake’s smell along with the remote collar.  His price is great and the fact that he allows you to re-test your dog at no additional cost allows you to determine whether or not your dog got the message.  Most trainers recommend you proof your dog yearly and his re-test//re-conditioning cost is very reasonable.  Feel free to check out his website www.vipervoidance.com should you have any additional questions about him or his method.  Contact Jim directly if you missed out on the group session for this year.

Snake Avoidance (Group session)
Spring 2013
(Saturday)  - 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

Cost $60 per dog first time out (no discounts)

Retest $25 per dog

Viper Voidance
43226 N 7th Ave
New River, AZ  85087

Pre-registration and fee is required by TBD. Go to
Registration Form.   




     Therapy Dog International and Canine Good Citizen Testing:

    NWTB arranges TDI and CGC testing with Shawna Swanson. A link to the testing requirements:




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