My husband, Dave, and I had just recently put down our first Airedale (1st Airedale together- we each had Airedales growing up), 'Herbie," whom we had for 13 ½ yrs. We were devastated. We thought we should get another Airedale and looked at SWAT's website and filled out the online application.

Frankie was 11 months old, had been through two homes, two foster homes and had had three different names. He is all Airedale--hyper, very silly, but eager to please. He weighs in at 75# and is quite muscular--a formidable force to be reckoned with for sure--but still all goofball. He is a very high energy dog that would jump on us, mouth us, yelp (loudly) and jump on us for about 5-10 minutes straight when we came home from work every day (separation anxiety), counter surf, dig holes in the yard, bark and lunge at people and dogs, pull on the leash--walk ahead of us. Frankie had some minimal training but not very far along with it. We wanted to have a socialized dog so we can have people over to the house and not worry about him scaring them with his loud barking and jumping behaviors. We also want to take him places and have him behave appropriately.

We decided that training was the answer, and that we really needed professional help in training Frankie.

After only 3 ½ months of training, Frankie now knows all the basic commands: Come, Wait (no forward movement), Off (redirect dog from jumping, chasing, getting on top of something or someone), Drop It (drop what is in mouth), Heel (shoulder is even with your leg on a walk), Place (all 4 feet on a specific area), Sit, Down, and Break. Most importantly, he is beginning to understand that my husband and I are the bosses!

Frankie no longer digs holes in the backyard. He doesn’t jump on us or mouth us. There is minimal hyper behavior when we come home (still working on it). He is getting better about lunging/barking at other dogs (still working on it). We can have people over, and he won’t bark or jump on them. He doesn’t pull on the leash. He obeys really well. He isn’t a robot. He is still a goofball Airedale. Just that now he recognizes his place in the pack. Life is so much easier, and it is really fun and rewarding for all of us. It has truly opened my eyes to begin to understand the whole dog psychology world.

Training does require a time commitment. It’s also imperative to be consistent when working with your dog, and I can tell you that the results so far are amazing- (even crazy Airedales can be trained!). It is a work in process, and it is so worth it.

I am writing this because not only do I believe it makes a huge difference in our relationship with our dog, and I think every dog owner should be so lucky. But also when I look back when we had our 1st Airedale, Herbie, I realize that we were very inconsistent- which resulted in several behavior issues. We were well-intentioned, but we humanized him- he was our “baby”. It really makes me sad. As they say, ‘if I knew then what I know now’… I didn’t want to make the same mistakes with Frankie. If his original owners took the time to have him (and themselves) trained properly maybe things would have worked out differently. I bet that’s probably true with a lot of Rescue Airedales and other dogs in general. It’s not the dog that has the problem(s), it’s the people.

We live in Phoenix, Arizona. The trainer we chose and can heartily recommend is Kim Baer, 602 391-5336

  • User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
    by Linda
    I highly recommend Kim for any kind of problem with your dog. My son's dog, Sheba, wasn't socialized and when she did come in contact with another dog, her play was too aggressive which would escalate and a fight would start. In no time at all, Kim had Sheba socialized and playing nicely with the other dogs. When I came for a visit, Sheba was out with at least 15 dogs and every one of them where on their best behavior. I couldn't believe it! Sheba was diving in the pool, going after a ball, having the time of her life. Kim also boards at her home and you couldn't help but get the added bonus of having all the other dogs to socialize and play with. Kim is my number one choice for training and boarding. It's like home away from home but even better!!! Kim is a miracle worker and we can't thank her enough!
  • User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
    by JK
    When I bought my nine week old Papillion two years ago, I had no idea what I was getting into. She was our "baby" and because we treated her as a child instead of the animal she really was, she became THE BOSS in our house.
    She was the pack leader. We could not brush her, pick her up or get near her without taking the chance of getting bit. She only let us do things on her terms and she really was the boss.
    I knew I had to find someone to help and was lucky to find Kim's website. She came over to our home to evaluate our little Pappy. She spent almost two hours with us and even brought two of her own amazing dogs with her to show us what would be possible with the right training. Kim Baer is a true dog whisperer. Her ability to connect and understand the mind of a dog is incrededible. Thanks Kim!
  • User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
    by Lilymom
    I cannot begin to list all Kim the trainer has done for us. Lily the beagle came at 8wks from Missouri in 2005 ready to be the boss of other pets and humens alike, unfortunatly we allowed this behavior well into 2006 until it became a crisis (ie she became VERY aggresive toward our old beagle). I got Kim's name from a nurse at work and Lily went off to doggie boot camp that very evening. In two weeks Lily returned home in high spirits and very proud of herself with all her new manners. No problems with aggresion since returning home.
    Kim is currently working on our 3yr old boy beagle who is terrified of anyone but his family. He is also aggressive toward the new puppy. This is a real challenge as his fear issues should have been addresed early on. Kim has for the purpose of socializing him introduced him into her family and dog pack to help decrease his fear issues. We are so grateful for her time and patience of consistently going above and beyond.
  • User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
    by mry
    After lots of money and even more failure we finally found Kim Baer of Now Who's the Boss. Kim provided me with the right tools that enabled me to gain the right relationship with my resuced Rottie mix. A good dog but clearly confused about who is in charge. Over the years Kim has helped us with some new additions, a small breed mix and a wonderful baby boy. Kim helped us introduce our newborn to his furry siblings in a safe, calm and friendly manner. We have been customers for 4 years and have built a great relationship.
  • User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
    by Lia
    We love spending the night with Kim! We know our chocolate lab, Macy, had the best time playing and swimming at Kim's...she slept for two days to catch up from being over there! I also felt very comfortable leaving Macy there because Kim is very thorough in checking that the dog has had all vaccinations before they can stay. I would reccommend Kim Baer to all that need a trainer/dog sitter/doggie day care! Thanks Kim!
  • User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
    by Marco
    Kim is awesome. Very professional, patient and Lucy is getting better and better.
    I adopted Lucy from the AZ Lab Rescue and she was already a great dog but when we went out for walks she would go crazy when seeing other dogs, birds or any kind of animal.
    Now we are able to walk and just by correcting her the way Kim taught me Lucy stays calm and she even ignores the birds! This is huge!!! We can walk around a lake with ducks and other birds and she doesn't even look at them.
    It has been a great experience. I can tell she really cares for the animals.
    Thanks Kim!
  • User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
    by Ari and Bernice
    Kim is the best dog trainer there is! She truely cares about your relationship with your pet! She dedicates herself to ensuring your pet learns to live and play as part of your family!
  • User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
    by Maxie15
    My husband & I adopted a Jack Russell puppy and were fairly clueless on training. We were referred to Kim by the breeder and she has trained all three of us wonderfully. Kim traveled a great distance to do one on one training and was always happy to work with us. She even brought her Russell on a few occasions which was great for Maxie and my husbanD & I. Kim offer group session and we fully intend to participate in as many of them as we can starting this fall. Kim can make the difference between a great companion and pet or just a pet.
  • User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
    by Jean and Friends
    Now Who's The Boss was first recommended to us as a training resource when we adopted a rescue Airedale. Then when our other dog decided he no longer had to listen to us, we called Kim to come work with us for both dogs. What a good decision!
    Kim is a knowledgeable professional and works with pets and people with methods that work best for each on an individual basis, rather than trying to fit you into a fixed plan. She offers a variety of training programs and her on-going group sessions (which cover a variety of things) are invaluable once any individual work completed. She is realistic about how long it will take to get you and your dog where you want to be (no overnight miracles for out of control Airedales) and how much work you need to do if you want to get there.
    I highly recommend her.
  • User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
    by Judy
    I have a beautiful Australian Cattle dog, named Rusty. He was very aggressive when anyone would come to my door and need to come into the house. I thought he was just mean, and I knew I had to do something. I looked in the yellow pages and found Kim. She came to my house and I immediately knew I had picked the right person. She told me that Rusty was aggressive anxious and not mean. She trained me and Rusty, because as I was trying to calm him down, I was making him more nervous with my actions and voice. Now when someone comes to the door, he goes to the couch (his place) and stays until the visitor comes in. He enjoys going to the group training classes and interacting with the other dogs. I have boarded him with Kim and he comes home happy and tired. Kim is a very special person that loves dogs and she is so patient but firm with them. I recommend her to anyone that wants to have a happy pet and companion.
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