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Please submit the registration form below for all Seasonal Classes, Seminars, or Workshops prior to the registration date. 
Do not submit registration if you don't agree to the Hold Harmless Agreement.

Deposits or class fees can be mailed directly to:
6112 W. Grovers Ave
Glendale, AZ  85308

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Hold Harmless Agreement
It is understood that every dog at this Now Who's The Boss, Inc. class, seminar, workshop, or event will be in the care and control of the dog's owner/handler at all times.  It is further understood that the owner/handler listed above agrees to be fully responsible for the actions of their dog(s) while attending this event on the grounds of Kim Baers' home located at 6112 W Grovers Ave, Glendale AZ  85308 or any other location in which the class, seminar, workshop or event may be held.

The above owner/handler hereby assumes all responsibility and liability for all claims.  Furthermore, the owner/handler relinguishes all claims against and agrees to absolve hold harmless Now Who's The Boss, Inc. Owner andall parties connected with the services being provided in any way, singly, or collectively for any loss or injury which may have been caused directly or indirectly to any person, dog or property while participating in the class, seminar, workshop or event or surrounding area.

The owner/handler hereby declares that the participating dog(s) has not been exposed to distemper, rabies, kennel cough, parvo or other known contagious diseases within the last 30 days and the dog(s) is free of worms, heartworm, ticks and fleas..

You should receive a "Thank You Page" immediately following your submittion,
if the screen goes back to the registration page and clears your input then it didn't go through.

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